How to find ridiculously cheap flights.


The cost of flights often holds people back from traveling. And sometimes, it takes quite a bit of research to find a good deal. When I worked for my design company in NYC, I was in charge of booking travel for our team of designers. This included both international and domestic travel.  I have used many different platforms when searching for flights, and learned over time the best methods to use.  If you are pretty flexible with your dates of travel, I have three honorable mentions that have never failed me.


Google Flights

This is my number one. I have booked most of my flights around the world using this platform. Just type in your destination and the dates you wish to go. Not only does google flights research the best bargain by comparing airline prices, it will search nearby cities and countries if you wish to explore a little. For example, if I wanted to book a flight from NYC, I simply type in NYC and hit the search button. Google flights will display the cost of different cities and countries around the world. The platform is user friendly and you can even save the itinerary to send to family and friends. I booked a $11 flight to Copenhagen from Dublin and a $17 flight from Berlin to London thanks to google flights.


Sky Scanner

This website is also user friendly and allows you to see the cheapest flights by year or month. You can select your destination and they will research the best bargain and dates. It’s free to use, and I like to use this platform when I am very flexible with my location or dates of travel.


Deal Ray

This website is a little different from google flights and sky scanner as it researches the best deals on the web. Do you ever hear about those crazy awesome deals airlines have, that last for a day or a few hours and you just missed the HUGE sale?  Miss no more. Deal ray is there to alert you when these sales happen from your nearest airport of choice. They will send you a text message, email, and post the deal to their website. The only downside is there is a monthly charge of less than $10 but I did a promotion where I tried it free for 30 days and when I referred a friend they gave me 2 free months. That friend and I managed to book a $99 flight from the US to Paris using deal ray. So it was worth the cost.