Why I don’t believe in the American Dream.

I may get some critics for this post. But I’m going to post it anyway. I never have or never will believe in the concept “The American Dream.” The American dream is redefined by people over the years but here are the common definitions of the American Dream:

-a life of personal happiness and material comfort as traditionally sought by individuals in the US.

– happy way of living that is thought of by many Americans as something that can be achieved by anyone in the U.S. especially by working hard and becoming successful.

In other words, you are defined by what you do and what you have- and not by who you are. 

And that is not a message I want to follow.

Simply look at American society today-  there is and always has been a lack of equality and not many people are happy. In fact, they are constantly stressed because they are working too hard to follow this dream- in order to be defined as acceptable or good enough in society.

I constantly hear the same one liner “But America is the land of the free!”

Reality check: I’ve traveled to 20 different countries and all of them are free. With the added bonus of free healthcare.

Do not get me wrong, just because I don’t believe in the American Dream does not mean that I do not love the U.S. for many different reasons. I believe in working for things, and not having things handed to you.  I like that we are friendly and say hello to each other in the streets (everywhere besides NYC haha), and I love that we are completely culturally diverse.

But I don’t believe that material comfort leads to happiness, and that your mental/physical/emotional health should be jeopardized by the need to live up to this concept of the American Dream.

I don’t believe in the American Dream.